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Ready for Change?

Impact Consulting Group (ICG) has a commitment to showing results. Be it through research papers or consultations, ICG plans to help organisations get closer to their goals of making the world better. For more information about working with us, please email us at

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Operational Efficiency

Whether it be helping to improve your organisation’s supply chain or analysing your overall operations, ICG can deliver in helping improve your operations.

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Market Due Diligence

Looking to go big? ICG can help with that. With our past history of working with organisations from different countries, ICG can help do the necessary research to help with your expansion plans (both international and local).

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Data Analysis

Thinking of what the numbers mean? ICG’s team of student consultants can help your organisation analyse and gain insights from your data, for you to make well-informed decisions.

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Social Impact Measurement

The world has evolved to not only look at profits but also social impact that organisations make. Using frameworks such as SROI, ICG can look at investigating the social impact that your ventures have. This can add another layer to show the change they are making. We can also look at any specific ventures that you want us to look at in regards to the impact measurement.

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Advanced Research

We can look at doing an independent research into any topic that you want us to. If there is any field or area where you would like more information about, we can conduct an advanced research into that.

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Funding Strategies

If you and your organisation are looking at ways to increase funding, then ICG can help you by crafting tailored strategies to help.